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Finger Lakes Wine Tasting

So as you know Virginia has always been my comfort zone for wine tasting. I had the opportunity to go to finger lakes and try some new wines. I went, I tried it, was amazing! Who knew that the finger … Continue reading

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Four wineries in one weekend. How to make progress!!!

I have taken a leaf from my friend Kelly’s book and I am making a Pinterest board for all the winery’s I’ve been to. Thirty four. That’s all. Thirty four. Mind you I only count wineries that I have been … Continue reading

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Winery Exploration: Day 2

So you can probably tell, I just got my computer in working condition again. My pain in the ass adorable children were playing around and broke the charger so not only was I behind on blog posts but also school … Continue reading

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How to Keep a Wine Journal/Be a Wine Snob

My wine journal has officially been in the works for over a year. Before that I had tried lots of awesome wines and did NOT document them which makes me kind of sad. I should go back and retry them, … Continue reading

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