Meet the family


I wear a lot of hats and enjoy them all. We always have a TON going on and if I’m not careful I’ll go crazy so it’s important to keep an open mind and sense of humor…most of the time…it’s also important to keep lots of wine around the house…priorities! I stay at home with the kids during the day. I try to keep them busy with playdates and preschool activities. I also try my best to just spend time with them. This is the age that they actually like being around me and we don’t know how long that’s going to last. I work at an animal hospital at nights. This gives me my breaks from the kids. Its also awesome to have a life outside of the family. It keeps me sane some days and gives me something else to work towards. Plus I get paid, that never hurts. I have my parents and my brother (and future sister J ) that I do my best to squeeze in there. When I have time I try to keep up with my hobbies…I enjoy refinishing furniture, cooking, volunteering, gardening, hiking and going on adventures. On top of all of this I do my best to “hang out” with my friends. WEW I wear myself out just typing all of this. I am more of a mover and a shaker than a relaxer. I’m not sure I even know how to relax…hummmm….


My hubs works for Merrill Lynch doing….finance…stuff. He seems to really enjoy it. He does a great job of keeping me sane and picking up the pieces when I need it. Anthony loves the beach, Hawaiian shirts, football, baseball, golf, and of course spending time with us! His pet peeves are many and include, anything that goes wrong in his day, people who say and do stupid things, and women drivers.


Ariana/Ari/Princess Ariana

Ari has…energy. She LOVES everything that she does and would love to tell you about. She is creative, fun, smart and knows what she wants. She enjoys my little ponys, noodles, cupcakes, rainbow princess fairy(?), cooking, playgrounds, painting, coloring and all of her best friends. When she grows up she wants to be a fairy princess or tinkerbell. She is also my mini me and my other half. I lover her!!


Cirino/Ciro/Cj/baby brobro/big guy/little man

This is my baby. He has to be the sweetest little man I’ve ever met. All he ever wants to do is scream, throw things, giggle at sister and cuddle with mommy. He LOVES cats (he loves too much for the cats taste) anything with wheels, and ravioli. He thinks his sister is hilarious even when she is beating him up and gives the best hugs. He is always agreeable unless he is hungry or tired. He never opposes going on an adventure and doesn’t cry a ton in the car. Best baby ever!



Boxer/ridgeback mix. I love this dog. She is my best friend. She understands me without even speaking a word. She loves attention and the people who she loves will get nothing but affection…maybe even too much affection. She is brave, fun and loves adventure as much as me. Sometimes I think she knows me better than I do. She is a little nervous with strangers but warms up eventually and never forgets you. I love her and hopefully so will you.


Chunk/Chunky Monkey/stupid dog!!!

Chunk is Nina’s pet dog. As it turns out I couldn’t give her enough of my time so I got Nina a friend. Chunk is an American Pitbull and a BIG GUY. He is the goofiest dog I’ve ever met. He is a total clown. He LOVES attention and when he doesn’t get it…well he just figures out another way to get it. He likes to think he is brave and strong but in all reality he is a baby. He loves to run up to people barking, and when he gets there just wags his tail and jumps around hoping they’ll love him. He is great with other dogs. You always hear that they have issues with them but never once. Not even the littlest of dogs that look like rats. He is always getting into trouble, and is never sitting still. His biggest fears are water guns and the vacuum cleaner. His bark can be heard from houses away but don’t fear. He is a lover not a fighter.


Patty and Chewie

Our kitty cats. They were here before the dogs, before the kids, Chewie was even with me before Anthony and I met. They were the first of the babies. Chewie has more personality in her than many people i’ve met. She knows what she wants, when she wants it and doesn’t put up with anyones crap. Patrick is the sweetest, easy going cat ever. He loves to cuddle and eat. Despite his large size he is an amazing hunter and loves catching mice and birds…not that we support that, just not alot we can do.


Our newest member; Grimm-

This is Grimm, he came into my work super underweight with a huge gash in his neck. I thought at the time that he was super old and was honestly suprised he made it. Once he did he brought out a lot of personality and at the end of his holding period with the Fairfax animal shelter, where lots of people said “he might be my cat….oh wait no thats not my cat. Sorry” i decided to take him home. Hes been here for about two weeks and my god. The cat has some bossy personality. He basically talks and explains to us all day about how we should probably feed him. Pretty cute.


Pookie Poo

This was my childhood pet who stayed at my parents when I left. She is getting up there in age so she came to live with us so that she can get a little TLC. If you meet her she will hate you. She yells and hisses at everyone…except me!! She doesn’t like strangers, cats, dogs or children…but enjoys food and sitting in my lap.


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