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My Newest Tattoo

I finally got the tattoo that I have been planning for years. I sat in the chair for 2 hours for a pretty painless tattoo. I want to document this and how I feel about it so that next time I … Continue reading

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Science is Fun

So for a really long time I’ve been fascinated by energy. That sounds weird right? I didn’t want to start this post sounding weird…oh well. I’ve tried to carry around objects and focus energy onto them to see if someone … Continue reading

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For the Love of Food

So I am supposed to be studying for my really hard test that I have tonight. Instead I decided to go over my budget which I like doing at the beginning, middle and end of each month. What I found … Continue reading

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How to Make a Personal Growth Chart

It is quite possible that between Joe’s birthday (Oct-joe-berfest) and having people over for drinks last night, that I had too much fun yesterday. Today I needed to just sit around and recuperate. Unfortunately I am unable to just sit … Continue reading

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How to Just Say “Yes”

“If you learn from defeat, then you never really lost”…right??? I think I lost…and I feel pretty defeated. I think now is the time to learn. There is this amazing blog called parenting beyond punishment. It’s full of great ideas … Continue reading

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My fear of flying…

Oh man, I am the worst flyer in the world…maybe not in the world but I’m pretty bad. I get to the airport and things are already going wrong! I ordered a coffee, I wanted a blueberry latte sweetened from … Continue reading

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It’s official!!

I’m officially back to being a stay at home mom. Although I haven’t officially quit at work I am only on the schedule 4 hours in the next two weeks. After babysitter drama for the past two years I finally … Continue reading

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