Finger Lakes Wine Tasting

So as you know Virginia has always been my comfort zone for wine tasting. I had the opportunity to go to finger lakes and try some new wines. I went, I tried it, was amazing!

Who knew that the finger lakes would be so much better at making wine in Virginia? I guess everyone did except for me. Great wines but they’ve been at it a lot longer than Virginia as well. Also the right there on the lake which really helps with the cooling process at night. The wineries were so close together that you could walk from one to the next. The winds were amazing and they were cheaper than most of the wines that I usually try. I think my next step is renting a Lakehouse for an entire week and just getting a DD to drive us around the lakes.

Since this was our first trip we decided to go around Lake Seneca. That’s the biggest lake and has the most wineries around it. We really want to try the other lakes as well because we’ve heard amazing things about them. Because the wineries are so close together you can hit so many more than you would if they were spread farther apart. I got to the point where I had to pour out my tasting wine because I had drink too much. That never happens in Virginia! I actually met some winemakers that were from Virginia! That was exciting. They came up here because there are better microclimates for making wine. I learned a time about winemaking in the little time that I was here. And I bought more wine then I ever have In one day before.

Here are some of my pictures. I didn’t get a lot of them because I was too busy trying to keep up with Anthony on wine tasting….















Already planning my next trip back there! I can’t wait!

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