WOW….the wildlife took over!

What a long time since I’ve written. Years. Literally years. I’ve been busy. Yoga, wildlife, animal hospital, kiddos, wine, school, my wonderful husband, ext.

Wildlife Rehab has been keeping me busy on most days during the spring, summer, and winter. I have realized that rehabbing is going to lead me to young death…or I’m going to one day learn a formula to this whole balancing act. Every day I learn something new. The stress of having a small animals life in my hands all the time is at times completely overwhelming. This summer has had some huge success like raising and releasing a few baby bunnies (which is much harder than you could ever imagine) to some huge heartbreaks like losing an entire liter of kittens to some rain and flys and learning what “squirrel pox” are. This is a quick look at what I’ve been up to in just the past month. I’ll try to only post a few upbeat pictures. It helps me to see some of the good ones that I’ve been able to help!





This is a baby squirrel on the first day he opened his eyes. This is a really wonderful age when they are starting to explore their surroundings.





Someone fell asleep eating watermelon. So cute! Squirrels seem to really enjoy the watermelon. We try to give them a variety of things that are easily found outside and outside our house this time of year, we have watermelon!







This is one of the baby doves that came in. These poor guys are usually another victim of kidnapping. They are usually going through what I call the “awkward phase”. This is where they are young and learning how to fly, when people see them, pick them up and walk away with them The people generally think they’re helping but unfortunately I can never replace the actual mothering instinct of an adult dove.




This is a tiny baby snapping turtle. If you find these guys its always best to just put them back in the pond/lake/creek that you found them in. The turn into large, aggressive turtles when they’re adults. Depriving them of being freed when they are juveniles prevents them from learning life lessons and being able to hunt when they’re older.







This is a tiny squirrel who came in covered in some kind of oil. We used very diluted Dawn dish soap to get the oil off. This is just a cute picture of the little guy drying.



These are just a few of the pictures I have from this summer. Its been crazy with all the babies coming in. I’m almost looking forward to the winter when the babies stop pouring in and everyone starts to hibernate. I will be spending the winter months taking some CE classes and learning as much as possible. Not to mention taking the time to clean cages, my wildlife room, and enjoying the piece and quiet. If you would like more updates check out our facebook page at AERO Animal Education and Rescue Organization.




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Summer instacram post!!!

Just because I haven’t updated my blog lately I thought I do a whole season of (late) summer Instagram posts.

This summer I really got into yoga again. I’m actually getting pretty good, if I do say so myself.


My daughter started playing basketball for her school team. Who knew kindergarten had a basketball team. Its super cute though! She def got my “white girl” gene for bouncing a basketball…


I have had to remove a total of 4 nails from my dog. OWCH! This is a mix of not cutting them often enough and her jogging too much. We had to cut down.


My last pool yoga pose of the summer *sigh* plus I had a new bathing suit so…ya know…


Oh snap, nothing says summer like cerviche!!!


Striking a pose while hiking. As you may have guessed its not nearly as easy to do yoga in jeans as it is yoga pants….and the hiking boots didn’t help either


More hiking ❤


I celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary this summer! What a milestone. 5 years and we are both still alive! Bet you didn’t see that coming! Cheers to many more years ahead of us.


Lauren’s wedding planning!!! There was dress fittings, bottle decorating, picking out bridesmaids dresses, and of coarse the wine tasting!!! Too much fun!


The progression of my scorpion!!! The first time I did a scorpion I honestly didn’t know if I could even do a proper handstand. A couple of months later and its not too bad, although I could use some work on balance. I still do my inversions up against a wall most of the time, its kinda like training wheels.


My “baby” Pookie turned 18 years old this year!!! She doesn’t look too bad. She still likes to sit in her garden out front and comes to sit on my (or my husbands) lap at nighttime.


We can’t forget the countless amount of grapes the ripened this summer!!! YESSSS!


Selfie number 500,000,000,000 from the beach. This one complete with sunset.


Yea…I happen to have the worst luck at weddings. This time my dress just happened to rip up the back and everyone who looked could see my ass. I spent a good part of the reception standing with my back to a wall.




Yay for Instagram and quickie posts!!! WELCOME TO FALL!!!!

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Yoga Every Damn Day

So it is been a while since I last posted! We have a lot going on at our house now. We are putting our townhouse on the market and looking for a new house in the area. Our family has outgrown this little house even though we love it! Hopefully will love the next house just much.

So now I need to update my last five days of the yoga challenge. After I finish the challenge I took a couple of days off from yoga. I plan on doing another 30 day challenge soon just so that I can get back into it. I think I may have pulled a hamstring (at least I think it’s a hamstring) and it has made it very difficult to do certain poses if not impossible. A little more time and a little more healing should fix that! And then I’ll start my 30 day challenge again.

In the meantime these are the poses I came up with…

of coarse even to this day i’m still working on my scorpion. Its coming along….


Mixing extreme inverted yoga poses and wineries is never a good idea. Hence the reasoning for my simple standing splits


Another good simple winery pose. Warrior pose on tabletop….good drunk ideas


Ah I love this picture. Up in New York doing one of my last for the 30 day challenge.


And my last day!!! I was in a hotel room in the finger lakes. I had intended to do my last pose with a beautiful waterfall behind me from Watkins Glen but we spend far too much time tasting wines and not enough time doing yoga. Vacation can be brutal for my yoga practice.



I did a whole fun routine of yoga poses with my kiddos over at the playground which included bars and beam. FUN FUN!


This has to be one of my favorite scorpions ever simply because of the face i’m making. *don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall*


I just started back up last night out of boredom and this is my newest pic.


and I”ll end it with two of my favorites!!!


Best back stretch ever!



Happy Friday!!!

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Finger Lakes Wine Tasting

So as you know Virginia has always been my comfort zone for wine tasting. I had the opportunity to go to finger lakes and try some new wines. I went, I tried it, was amazing!

Who knew that the finger lakes would be so much better at making wine in Virginia? I guess everyone did except for me. Great wines but they’ve been at it a lot longer than Virginia as well. Also the right there on the lake which really helps with the cooling process at night. The wineries were so close together that you could walk from one to the next. The winds were amazing and they were cheaper than most of the wines that I usually try. I think my next step is renting a Lakehouse for an entire week and just getting a DD to drive us around the lakes.

Since this was our first trip we decided to go around Lake Seneca. That’s the biggest lake and has the most wineries around it. We really want to try the other lakes as well because we’ve heard amazing things about them. Because the wineries are so close together you can hit so many more than you would if they were spread farther apart. I got to the point where I had to pour out my tasting wine because I had drink too much. That never happens in Virginia! I actually met some winemakers that were from Virginia! That was exciting. They came up here because there are better microclimates for making wine. I learned a time about winemaking in the little time that I was here. And I bought more wine then I ever have In one day before.

Here are some of my pictures. I didn’t get a lot of them because I was too busy trying to keep up with Anthony on wine tasting….















Already planning my next trip back there! I can’t wait!

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30 Days of Yoga!!

So I’m not finished yet but I’m getting close! It’s exciting to look back and see how far some of my poses have come just in the past 30 days. It’s Funny there are poses that I never would have attempted had I not done this challenge and yet as soon as I tried them I could do them! Who have known!?! Not me! Alright so here is my recap

Day 1: my first day I had no intention of actually posting anything. I was just trying it out while I was laying around reading about it. But then I said what the hell and did it anyway


Day 2: day 2 I almost forgot to do it. I went over to my parents house for dinner and remembered because it popped up on my phone. I had Ari take this picture and I thought it turned out pretty cool!


Day 3: by day three I loved it! I’m pretty happy with the way this post turned out! I even got Anthony to take this photo and he started to become interested in it


Day 4: I am impressed myself by doing this! Who would’ve known!


Day 5: My hangover pose. I had beer Olympics the day before. Every thing sucked this day, not just my backbend.


Day 6: I wasn’t entirely sure how to do this pose. I did it a couple of different ways and this one seems to have turned out to be the best one. Plus I like checking out my ass in this one 😉


This is the other version…like I said, not sure which is right…

Day 7: just me trying scorpion again


Day 8: my first time doing ANY hand stand poses. Yet again, I didn’t even know I could do it until I tried!


Day 9: I like this picture. I was practicing and all the kids came to join in!


Day 10: Early morning at the beach.


Day 11: Yea I was hammered for this picture. Anthony and I were just sitting around drinking wine all day. Probably a dangerous time to first try a table top pose.


Day 12: Doing my first standing splits. I’ve always been able to do the splits normally but not up against a wall. Yet again I had my little helper there to supervise.


Day 13: Stop judging me for wearing the same outfit. I was at the beach house and only packed so many pairs of jammies.


Day 14: After non stop practice I still couldn’t get my feet to touch my head. Its frustrating but I am getting closer.


Day 15: Ari and I were bouncing around all day doing yoga. It was fun because she really got into it too and she takes my pictures for me


Day 16: This is the day that Ari and I started our counter top yoga challenge. Another fun one to try!


My dog was seriously concerned about me being up on the counter.


Day 17: Playing on the beach with Megan! I’m usually too embarrassed to do yoga poses in public but I had my friend there doing it too and there weren’t that many people around




Day 18: Finally back at my own home and this is the farthest I’ve been able to my hand stand scorpion. Its hard to get a good picture because a 5 year old is taking these pictures and I can only hold the pose for so long before I lose my balance.


Day 19: I love early morning poses because the lighting in my living room is way better then it is at night. This pose took far more balance then I thought I had. It took every bit of concentration to stay balanced like that.


Day 20: Considering my frustration I’ve been just trying to scorpion with one leg instead of two. I do much better and I can balance better. That being said I won’t be happy until I can do it with both.


Day 21: I did two poses in one day so I could skip a day. I needed a day to relax and rest my muscles.


Day 22: This was one for our counter top yoga poses again. This challenge is easier because its only once a week instead of every day. Plus Ari is really into it. I should also mention that I AM WEARING SHORTS IN THIS PICTURE!!! Probably not important….but just in case you were wondering.


Day 23: Trying my one legged scorpion again. I was actually able to touch my head but again only one leg at a time. Little by little!


Day 24: This is one of the easiest to do believe it or not. I love it too because its totally relaxing!


Day 25: My standing scorpion is getting so much better!!!! I’m really excited about this. Its not even hard to balance and stretch like it used to be!


and last but not lease…this pose…not entirely sure what to call it but looks pretty cool and it was an amazing stretch for my lower back.


Only five days left lets see if I can do it!

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You Thought I Fotgot About Wine Didn’t You?? Wrong!

So I haven’t updated my wine posts in a while but I’ve gotten to a few new wineries. Most recently I went to Hortons, Barboursville, and Prince Michelle. This was a trip I did with my dad as a Father’s Day celebration present. I bought him a couple of bottles and bought myself a couple too.

The first place we stopped at was Prince Michelle. It was kind of rainy out that day but it was still pretty setting and right off of the highway which is nice. Apparently they are one of the older wineries in Virginia. That didn’t make me like them anymore though the venue was beautiful but the wines weren’t my favorite. The fact that my kids were acting crazy there didn’t help anything. I actually didn’t even get to finish the last wine in my tasting because I had to go and run down my kids. On the plus side the tasting room is beautiful and they had lots of cute stuff in the gift shop.



The next place we went to was Barboursville. It was beautiful and amazing wines! They had some of the best Virginia reds that I’ve tasted around. They have Italian wines and apparently a sister vineyard in Italy, that’s pretty cool! Not only were the Reds good but there champagne style wines were amazing too! There was a really cool old structure on the property as well but I got some pictures of. So far one of my favorite Virginia wineries.





The last place we stopped that day was Hortons. I’ve tasted from there at wine festivals about a dozen times and I’m never disappointed with her variety of their wines.

They had a lot of different fruit wines that made up some of their variety. Some peach, Pear, blackberry, all very cool but none of which I cared for because they were all very sweet.

My dad rarely likes whites but he actually bought a bottle of their Chardonnay which is very good. I never fail to buy a couple of bottles of sparkling Viognier. It is amazing!! I love it and it’s such a good price. Definitely one of my favorites. Also there was Stonecastle white was really good! it’s really easy to drink, not too sweet not to try just perfect. it was hard not to get it plus I think it was like $13. It was definitely a good buy.




They were some really great wineries and definitely worth the drive if you ever have a free weekend.

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Week 1 of Yoga

Fun fun! My attempt at 30 days of yoga….again. My first attempt I didn’t make it the full 30 days. This time I will….I hope

Day 1:

I considered not posting this at all because it looks like I’m in my underware…I assure you those are shorts….very short shorts. Let me tell you it’s not easy to take a selfie in a yoga pose

Day 2: this is one of the photos my daughter took of me. Not a bad photographer


Day 3: this is just what i do to stretch out my back…I just added fancy hands


Day 4: I like this one because it super easy for me but it looks hard


Day 5:
Wish I could have done more this day but I participated in the beer Olympics the day before….hungover

20140625-223842-81522663. jpg

Day 6: I’m not sure I did this right….I’m also not sure I did it wrong…..


Day 7: I want to be able to do a full scorpion by the end of the week


Day 8: I didn’t even know I could do this until I tried. I want to be able to do it without the comfort of the wall by the end of my 30 days


Ok so somehow I’m on day 8….interesting. I’ll take it! Hopefull I’ll be able to do all these poses in my last week and have them look….progressive

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